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JAN 2023

BOTN: Preview

2014-11-30 02:53:35

Tonight, Patty Griffin sings of "That Kind Of Lonely"; saxophonist Bobby Watson pays tribute to a certain vibes-player when he performs "For Milt"; we hear the words of Yeats, Shakespeare and Wilde in song; part of Nicholas Maw's "Little Suite For Guitar"; the Blue Nile's Paul Buchanan and "Two Children"; Stanley Clarke (see video) slaps an electric bass; Julian Lage duets with fellow-guitarist Nels Cline; bassist Dieter Ilg re-invents Beethoven's "Sehnsucht"; we'll also listen to the - less-famous - third movement from Beethoven's Choral Symphony; and the late Teddy Wilson recorded with Benny Goodman.


"The Blue of the Night" - RTÉ lyric fm, Sunday 10pm...

BOTN: Preview

2014-11-29 02:42:25

This Saturday night, John Martyn reminds us to "Bless The Weather"; Alexei Lubimov interprets Arvo Part's "Lamentate"; Susanna Wallumrod (see video) sings a Joy Division song; Eric Clapton covers Robert Johnson material; Yo-Yo Ma performs a milonga by Piazzolla; we also hear Teddy Wilson recorded with a couple of famous trumpet-players, namely Harry James and Roy Eldridge; and part of a remastered score which Howard Shore composed for the Canadian movie director, screenwriter, actor and novelist David Cronenberg.


"The Blue Of The Night" - RTÉ lyric fm, Saturday 11pm…

BOTN: Preview

2014-11-28 03:04:45

Tonight, Eamonn links 3 low-key movements by living composer Peter Dickinson; Bugge Wesseltoft, from his latest CD; Ane Brun "Humming One Of Your Songs"; Prokofiev, interpreted by Leonard Elschenbroich (see video) and Alina Ibragimova, respectively; a selection from a new release by cellist Sonia Wieder-Atherton, one inspired by Nina Simone; singer/songwriter Amy Allison; new Neil Young (try saying that on the radio!); a piano quartet by Georgy Catoire; original jazz from David Redmond; Tim Bowness and Peter Chilvers; 2 new recordings of Schumann's music, including the slow movement from his fourth symphony; solo Teddy Wilson from 1972, as well as mid-career Wilson recorded with Lester Young; and Loudon Wainwright's "White Winos”.


"The Blue Of The Night" - RTÉ lyric fm, Friday 10pm…

Flew of the Night...

2014-11-27 16:17:09

Busy Christmas coming up, so already prepping the first Aer Lingus programme of 2015. And - yes  it's a special, bespoke edition of "The Blue Of The Night"...

The full playlist for this programme - available during February and March - can be found at the top of the OTHER STUFF page...

BOTN: Preview

2014-11-23 10:21:49

This Sunday night, we hear a new recording of Saint-Saens’ “La Muse et le poete”; Stanley Clarke, recorded live in Japan with Chick Corea; 3 x Lennon/McCartney; part of a mass by Guillaume Dufay; solo Abdullah Ibrahim; Babe Kyro - or Karo - Lemon Turner sings about “Black Ace”; Claudia Schwab (see video) plays the fiddle; also coming our way tonight, the last selection of the week from Anouar Brahem, specifically a track from “The Astounding Eyes of Rita”; Eddie Vedder, on ukulele; the slow movement of a string quartet by Smetana; and Matt Dennis, bemoaning the sale of a cottage.


"The Blue of the Night" - RTÉ lyric fm, Sunday 10pm...