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JAN 2023

BOTN: Preview

2015-09-27 10:08:53

We've been promised a blood-red moon and a lunar eclipse in the one night, so tonight we'll hear a moonlight movement by Frank Bridge; Juan Martín, playing a guitar transcription of Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata"; Art Tatum, performing "How High The Moon"; Nick Drake's "Pink Moon"; movie music by Clint Mansell (specifically, "Welcome To Lunar Industries"); Karen Tweed's "Moonlight Passage"; Jimmy Webb's "The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress" - and so on... Plus part of a piano concerto by Charles Villiers Stanford; the voice of Melissa Laveaux; the last of the week from flamenco guitarist CANO; a song by Justin Vernon; an unhurried movement by Peteris Vasks; the Dave Brubeck Quartet; and music by Sunna Gunnlaugs (see video).



"The Blue of the Night" - RTÉ lyric fm, Sunday 10pm...

BOTN: Preview

2015-09-26 16:19:24

"I compose by ear, and there you have it," said Morton Feldman. On tonight's BLUE, we hear Ivan Ilic (see video), from a forthcoming CD release of Feldman's "For Bunita Marcus". Also coming our way this Saturday night, pianist/composer - and Blue Note signing - Yaron Herman, from the recently-issued "Everyday"; more from guitarist CANO; Tony Bennett with Bill Evans; instruments like nyckelharpa and hardanger fiddle; plus a number of new releases, including "Objects At An Exhibition" by Aurora Orchestra, "Solitudes: Baltic Recflections" by Mr McFall's Chamber, and a new double CD by Bang On A Can All-Stars.



"The Blue of the Night" - RTÉ lyric fm, Saturday 10pm…

BOTN: Preview

2015-09-25 09:52:01

Tonight, we hear guitarist Tony McManus play a little Monteverdi; a pastorale from the new solo CD by Fred Hersch; working class hero Lennon; a tango ballade by Kurt Weill; P.J. Harvey sings a ballad about the soldier's wife (see video); there's more from CANO; a bagatelle by William Walton; the pairing of Belinda O'Hooley and Heidi Tidow; a re-issue of an album clarinettist Tony Scott cut with the Indonesian All Stars; a lyrical melody by Grieg; a cover version of Peter Gabriel's "Biko"; 3 Motown tunes given BLUE-friendly treatment; the slow movement of a Wagner fantasia; songwriters Chris Wood, Tim Buckley and Jackson C. Frank; Shirley Horn's masterful interpretation of "A Time For Love"; and a choral work by Arvo Part.



"The Blue of the Night" - RTÉ lyric fm, Friday 10pm…

BOTN: Preview

2015-09-21 09:17:04

Monday’s tasteful late night mix includes Rez Abbasi, who plays steel string, fretless and baritone acoustic guitars on a CD that presents jazz-rock and jazz fusion tunes from the 1970s in an acoustic setting; also coming our way tonight, Flamenco guitarist CANO (see video); two short piano pieces for left hand only by Benjamin Britten; Turkish pianist/composer Fazil Say; singer-songwriter Tim Hardin, from way back when; one from "The Planets Suite", on the day - in 1874 - when Gustav Holst was born in Cheltenham; we've Linley Hamilton, in advance of his appearance at this year's Limerick Jazz Festival; birthday boy Leonard Cohen, singing about a certain raincoat; a solo piano performance by the late Florian Fricke (of Popol Vuh fame); Jamie Walton, performing Dvorak; and one from an album of Johnny Mandel material that American sax-player Harry Allen recorded with the Jan Lundgren Quartet.



"The Blue of the Night" - RTÉ lyric fm, Monday 10pm…


BOTN: Preview

2015-09-20 13:50:03

John Luther Adams  won a Pulitzer Prize for Music in 2014.Tonight, we'll listen to a selection from his recently-issued "The Wind In High Places" which - like so much of his music - was inspired by nature (Adams lived in Alaska for more than 30 years). Also coming our way tonight - as we wind down from today’s footballing excitement at Crok Park -  Tierney Sutton, covering a Joni Mitchell song; Arve Henriksen with Trio Mediaeval; Carlo Gesualdo's "Moro lasso", as realised on a new album by the Tallinn Chamber Orchestra; John Taylor, recorded with New Zealand born saxophonist Hayden Chisholm; Jacques Thibaud String Trio, performing a Beethoven serenade; Hungarian jazz guitarist Atilla Zoller re-issued ("Katz und Maus"); Irish guitarist Redmond O'Toole; Armenian native Tigran Hamasyan with Yerevan State Chamber Choir; there's the voice of Gillian Welch (from the superb "The Harrow & The Harvest"); Joe Venuti, playing a little Richard Rodgers; as does Paul Desmond (see video) and "spiritual... soothing... peaceful...": how some listeners have described Patrick Hawes' "Blue In Blue" - judge for yourself later…