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“We had a great response from the kids again this week. A lot of last week's said it was the highlight of the week for them...”

Michele Finn, RTÉ Outreach co-ordinator, January 28th 2016

(referring to the four groups of teenagers who visited the state broadcaster’s Donnybrook base in 2016 to attend tours of the TV & radio studios, photocalls, celebrity meet & greets and one of Eamonn’s radio workshops).


Coming soon...

Podcasting workshops for adults. ETBs can request further details by email, directly from HERE .


Radio 101 -
a project for Transition Year students
Radio 101-1

Eamonn has presented close on 600 radio workshops to - mostly - secondary school students. Interactive sessions at the microphone are a terrific way of introducing younger music listeners to jazz; and a means of demystifying/destigmatizing classical music. Full day sessions are currently being offered to schools through a partnership with Music Generation. Participants use MacBook computers, Cubase music production software and an iPhone to make their own features, jingles, promos and radio programmes that fall within a continuous day's schedule. In between each show, a newsteam provides feeds of headlines, sports, traffic and weather reports.

Single-day workshops shall be provided to TY students across Ireland during the autumn term in 2018.

Tasks covered:
- Backtiming & Hitting Junctions
Radio 101-2 - Compiling Playlists
- Devising Formats & Producing
- Editing a Video Clip
- Interacting With The Listener
- Making Bespoke Jingles
- Pre-recording Features
- Presenting in Real Time
- Recording & Mixing Programme Promos
- Promotion & Publicity
- Scripting & Research

For this workshop, we concentrate on staffing levels consistent with music radio broadcasts. Group members assume the key roles of:
- Producer
- Presenter
- Sound Engineer
- Contributor, and
- Production Co-ordinator

Each student receives an MP3 copy of their own individual programme. All participants learn about the value of teamwork; the importance of detailed preparation; and come away with a heightened appreciation of music and the process of making radio. Radio 101-3

Details about other local music education partnerships are available at the respective Music Generation regional websites.

Transition Year Co-ordinators can get in touch with Eamonn by visiting this site's FEEDBACK page.